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Financial Engineering - fund net value of the base stocks reboun

Guotai Junan Securities Limited by Share Ltd Wu Tianyu all industries are rising, animal husbandry and fishery and petrochemical plate or more than 5%, financial services and extractive industries, or less than 1%.
This week stock direction fund net Puzhang, loss of a substantial fund losses.Constructs the letter superiority dynamic discount rate of 3.20%.Rui and well-off and Swiss and vision are respectively 6.18% and 5.
09% of the premium discount; Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific respectively priority and enterprising premium discount and premium of 8.61% 0.09%.Run A and run B respectively 4.10% and 3.94% of the premium discount.
Yinhua entered and Yinhua Rui Jin respectively 19.15% and 31.34% of the premium discount.Jubilee double A and double happiness B respectively 13.40% and 13.95% of the premium discount.Shen Wan Ling letter benefits and enterprising respectively 28.
46% and 108.65% of the premium discount.Department of Department of B A and respectively 1.02% and 1.96% discount discount.King Fung A and King Fung B respectively 0.75% and 7.07% discount discount.Fidelity of 500A and 500B respectively 15.
68% and 20.21% of the premium discount.Yinhua Jinli and Yinhua Xin respectively 11.32% and 32.14% of the premium discount.Castrol dolly priority and enterprising respectively 9.83% and 47.37% of the premium discount.
Letter to build a sound and letter to build progress respectively 8.44% and 6.39% premium discount.Manulife TEDA Lee and Lee B A respectively 10.44% and 12.88% discount discount.Central Ding Li A and Ding Li B respectively 1.
05% and 0.82% of the premium discount.Yinhua Raj and Ruixiang respectively 1.34% and 2.79% premium discount.Fortis Haitong stability into profit by A and B respectively increased profits by 3.99% and 2.
06% of the premium discount.TEDA TEDA robust and enterprising respectively 7.87% and 4.69% of the premium discount.Yin Rui and Yinhua Xin Rui respectively 11.42% and 8.42% of the premium discount.Changsheng Tongrui A and with the Swiss B respectively 9.
88% and 5.51% of the premium discount.Cathay Pacific Credit benefit grading A and B respectively 7.67% and 15% of the premium discount.The A premium 1.77% celebration.Zheshang robust discount 17.70%.Fidelity A discount of 18.
76%.Apart from raising debt base B class, Golden Eagle lasting returns B premium 19.42% topped the list,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, B discount 16.33% house at the end of xiang.Closed the debt base, Yinhua credit discount minimum, for 2.
64%, 7.98% in the end credit discount.The old seal base discount rate slightly higher, 11.13%.Discount rate for the highest Hongyang 18.11%,Doudoune Moncler, minimum 2.98% xinghua.The closure of the base flat and perfect the trend, that light is the discount rate the move space is not perfect, is in terms of structure is not too much of arbitrage opportunities,Two quarter A shares or as investment funds must b,Moncler Jacket, according to the experience with the launch of the rebound,Moncler Outlet, there will be a slight expansion rate of discount.
Grading the debt base and closed the debt base enter quiet shock period.The stock market rebound in the hierarchical LOF B share premium fall risk needs to be cautious.Yinhua consumption,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, consumption,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, South 300 fidelity, Noam Chong, Zheshang 300 and Eagle 500 existing merger arbitrage opportunity,Moncler Pas Cher, central spirit has split the arbitrage opportunity.
Our strategy view: in the mood to repair, to stabilize the economic stage, liquidity support to strengthen the background, the difficult vanguard rebound is expected to continue.In addition there exists a sustained rebound stronger trend of opportunity,Roll with the punches trading fund to take advantage of the opportunity _ strate, the current PMI and liquidity situation has decided this process in the second half of the inevitable.
Recommended industry insurance,Relatives by micro-blog help missing for 8 days an, engineering machinery,Moncler, pharmaceutical firms, and real estate, theme pays attention to energy saving and environmental protection.Stock fund allocation from index funds to configure growth stocks active fund transfer.
Sina: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information transmission purposes, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.The contents for reference purposes only,Moncler Outlet, does not constitute investment advice.

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8 pupils picked up $8900 in cash in a way for mone

8 pupils of all bills had lifted the top of head, common money to school.I picked up a penny in the road, turn it over to the policeman,Moncler Jacket, he took the money, on my head, I am pleased to say: "uncle, goodbye.
"-- children's songs "I picked up a penny in the road" "I picked up a penny in the road, turn it over to the policeman......"The song has the characteristics of the era of nursery rhymes have influenced generations of people, now,A good buy fund research March FOF product resilience in the, if a child picks up the money should be how to do?Nanchong 8 pupils is first formed "wall" to protect, then hold it over his head to the school.
.....Yesterday morning, Nanchong District of Gaoping South Primary School 8 students in the highway side picked up $8900 in cash, trot all the way to the school office.Because the amount is huge, the school will be ready cash handed over to the police station, convenient for the owner to claim.
Collect money do?8 students circle of protection "teacher, too much money, we are not aware of the number of,Moncler Outlet!"Yesterday morning at eight thirty,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, Gaoping District South primary school guidance office door opened suddenly, 8 pupils panting,Moncler Pas Cher, holding a stack of $100 bills stood in the doorway.
Their money to come from where?The teacher was stupefied.At 8 a.m., South River Primary School the sixth grade (two) class Tang Cong as usual, and partners with a bag on her back, hurry hurry to school.
They went to the 318 State Line Road and Nanning-Guangzhou high-speed export trade fair Office South gas station nearby, Tang Cong suddenly found beside the road has a blue gloves, are ready to kick to, careful he saw the glove side exposed red floral notes!Someone on the side of the road out of money!Tang Cong of 13 years old in the glove stood fixed, turned to partners and shouted: "here is rich!You come here!"Someone must have put the money away in the street, 7 partners came around, they spontaneously hand in hand, make a circle to squat down.
"The teacher said, the lost of valuables, do not damage the, also do not encroach upon,06% 23% br on Jul, to ensure that the money safe".Too much money?Vote by a show of hands to school a car from the side raced, Tang Cong standing in a circle, prepared in front of everyone to count.
The number of "clear?"See Tang Cong number many times of hundred dollar bills, friends asked."How many, these too much money,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com!"Tang Cong appear on the face through sweat, tensions have not knowing clearly did not number.
In the class as a team leader Tang Qi suggested: "put all the money to the schools by teachers, count!"I agree.I agree.Tang Cong included 8 students raise their hands, to agree to the money to school."We have no other ideas, that is not his to pick up money!"Twin sisters Yang Feng and Yang Hu said, although the home conditions are good,College students use branches to rescued 3 childre, have never seen so much money,Moncler Outlet,Public offering of the fund strategy weekly promotion blue-c, but they do not have a crush.
Anti lost to send?High head everybody saw money as there is no statistical number, in order to avoid the loss of money,Be beset with troubles internally and externally to the stock market downturn of the pure debt fund , the children also thought a way: all the money raised it over his head, everyone can see, everyone will note to the school.
Interview, Tang Cong still did not own count cash felt feel shy,Doudoune Moncler, "more money doesn't count, and fear which people draw a, we put the money held high above his head".Money from the two students holding, walking in front of a team, behind 6 students while staring,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, fearing a little one.
The money for children. "Want to tell his parents for protection money praised" here from the school also has 1000 meters, 8 people with a special mission, a trot."Report to teacher,Women's murder of her husband was sentenced to police rears, we pay to the!"Dean Yi Guangyong is ready to go to school, at the entrance to a group of children have a lot of cash, he is impressed by.
With Yi Guangyong's help,Moncler, the children put the money into several groups, we were counted, then unified statistics, a total of 8900 yuan in cash.These 8 students have 7 names are "left-behind children", in the face of reporters, Tang Conghong eyes and said: "I do not have a lot of years to see my mom and dad.

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Eight years old comrade-in-arms Shou tomb containe

2 April,xinhuanet.com Hefei Chinese Internet :eight years old comrade-in-arms Shou tomb contained thirty reality version of build-up, Xinhua Chinese Internet users moved reporter Xiong Runpin ,Zhang Qin a monument, 20 acres cemetery ,more than 2400 war heroes .
Only 60 years ago on comrades a promise ,86 year old Ou Xingtian to give up the happiness of a family union ,062% to 86equity in,pulling injury body ,for the reconstruction of west gate of Huaibei anti-Japanese martyrs cemetery running around, and adhering to this sacrifice comrades tomb guard .
The keep is 30 years .Ou Xingtian watch the story ,through the Internet and other media wide for transmission ,touched the hearts of countless netizens ,Internet has been voted Chinese people list honest and trustworthy Chinese man .
The Qingming Festival Eve, Chinese Internet reporters with the blessing ,to be located in Anhui province Guzhen County village cool of the west gate of Huaibei anti-Japanese martyrs cemetery ,listen to the old man unusual unusual story .
the core Internet salute ,veterans !A veteran of 60 years ago ,in a word ,in a remote mountain village for comrades tomb guard ,he is 30 years .The story of Ou Xingtian in the accident was put on the network ,moved many netizens ,and in 2010 by the netizens voted Chinese people list honest and trustworthy Chinese man .
Veterans of the story did not end ,his deeds still circulated on the Internet, many blogs ,micro-blog and local forum reprinted in succession . Salute to veterans ! Many users on the Internet by common consent to shout out their own touches .
Even from Beijing ,Jiangsu and other places of the netizens spontaneously rushed to the martyrs cemetery ,cherish the memory of revolutionary predecessors ,expression for elderly admiration ,Sister to save the sick brother posting said can s,and the cemetery for donations .
City Forum netizen old people the author reviews : watch with life peace of mind ,life ,death ,and as a martyr martyr ;sleeping .The old man is beautiful and moving, beautiful and natural .
.. ... Sina micro-blog blogger into Prague in the reproduced old story commented: much of elderly people in the cast and guard the monument ,rather he continued on and writing the national blood in a very touching faith .
Hero without song ,song and forever ! In Guzhen County Town Village cool ,a silver hair Ou Hing Station in his guardian of the martyrs cemetery ,smile .Tomb Sweeping Festival approaching ,the elderly and the preparation of good wine ,carrying bottles ,drink wine glass ,went to the tomb of the martyrs sprinkle with wine ,are buried in the cemetery of the comrades drink talk .
read a person for his fellow blow thirty years build-up, ( a ) a hot spot in the side to two thousand heroes Village cool ,this little known small village ,in the war of resistance against Japan is the four division of the New Fourth Army through the hundred miles in a traffic thoroughfare ,it is Huaibei Su Wan border on the west gate, Peng Xuefeng Zhang Aiping ,Chang Chen ,such as a large number of war will have left here in combat footprint .
Here is the Anti-Japanese War Su Wan not only occupied the place .On 1925, Ou Xing was born here European village ,14 years old to join the revolution ,when general Zhang Aiping instruments ,The four seasons is repeated interval concussion a,served as chief of staff ,major general staff ,CMC first artillery school administrative chief and other staff,Moncler Outlet, retired after returning home .
As the four division of the New Fourth Army a scout ,Ou Hing what one sees and hears more than 2400 New Fourth Army soldiers to protect the thoroughfare and bloodshed .The most heroic time, 60 soldiers against hundreds of Japanese troops .
The battle for a day and a night, finally run out of ammunition and food supplies ,at the expense of warrior blood will be near the river is dyed red .Hand crutch ,silver-haired old memories ,refused to pass every soldiers who are fighting together ,never called the wrong every martyr name .
Every time I go out ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,and his comrades were not thought to come back alive . The old man said .( two) a word promises contained thirty Guardian after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War ,Ou Xingtian troops in the village cool built the west gate of Huaibei anti-Japanese martyrs cemetery ,in the Huaihai Campaign destroyed .
The 80 when fighting in some of Huaibei old comrade back to the old cemetery ,also proposed the reconstruction suggestion . also very good ,next the voluntary . Ou Xingtian said ,Moncler Jacket,he took the task of reconstruction cemetery ,there are selfish .
In those days where I cut class has 9 people ,each person in the arm with a needle and ink engraved their names ,we who are alive ,who would sacrifice Comrade Shou tomb .Now only I and another in Beijing comrades .
I promised his comrades ,I would do it . The old man said lightly .Therefore ,the old man from the army shortly after leaving their home ,and comfortable life with his wife from Suzhou ,lively downtown moved to cool town of mountainous country ,only for the guardian sacrificed comrades .
I followed my grandfather lived here for a long time ,remember the little houses without electricity, must nod kerosene lamp ,with the city life in the home too big a gap ,and then home .
But grandfather but not a step to leave ,also do not want to leave . Ou Xingtian 23 year old grandson Ouyang recalls .In order to reconstruct the cemetery ,Ou Hing pulling sickly body ,bringing his own food ,within two years four of Beijing ,visited six province ,found 36 in this land battles over old leadership to discuss the matter of the garden ,received wide support .
For a word commitment ,old man riding a bicycle ,sometimes walking ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,travel over land and water to the surrounding counties and cities looking for heroes later ,only to collect ,check the heroic name ,find the remains of martyrs .
Dagger squad member Qiao Jingkun after sacrifice was buried in his hometown of Suzhou City Luling town .In order to his grave moved to the cemetery ,Ou Xingtian has four times to find Qiao Jingkun son Qiao Junqing .
I was quite busy ,living conditions is very difficult ,do not consider on this ,Europe old for my father Qianfen four visits .He is really a great person ,so many years for the people around, we admire him ! Qiao Junqing said sigh with emotion .
( three) a hundred years later ,put my ashes here with his comrades contained thirty guardian ,the west gate of Huaibei anti-Japanese martyrs cemetery has begun to take shape .9 meters tall quaint gatehouse Yao overlook fields ,19 meters high monument stands magnificent earth ;the cemetery, evergreen pines and cypresses ;more than 20 martyrs tomb neatly ,have Lebei stone ,pay for future generations .
Since three years ago after her death ,Ou Hing began alone in cemetery .Construction of command ,watering the trees sweeping the floor ,Analysis of the letter to the central enterprises,washing and cooking ,give visitors about the deeds of the martyrs ;leisure ,calligraphy, written historical materials .
In the old man living room ,the reporter saw only a bed ,wardrobe ,sofa and other a few simple old furniture .The television is black and white ,empty fridge freezer only a few eggs and leftover small bowl of Welsh Onion fried eggs ,simple shoe rack on several pairs of shoes worn like ,muddy .
This life is enough ,Moncler Pas Cher,daughter house I live not to spoil . The old man put a hand to say .However ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,Ou Hing also admitted that he had cut it .Enjoy the divisional retired cadres treatment Ou hing a monthly salary of six thousand or seven thousand ,but over the years but is located in the city of Suzhou ,grandson of Ouyang than even old age old houses ,no more can be left to the younger generation property .
He is almost all the money and effort into martyrs cemetery construction and maintenance .At the same time ,the children ,Doudoune Moncler,on issues such as employment ,join the army ,he is not willing to use their own relations .
.The children had to be,the informant is sm, even once tension .The understanding of the elderly is Ouyang .In Ouyang ,like grandpa such people , now may not find the second .Ouyang said ,he was raised by grandparents raised ,along with their life in the 14 years .
Grandma died of paralysis for 8 years .When I was a junior in high school, my grandpa gets up at 5 every morning ,first of all give me fried an egg ,a bowl of noodles ,and then he take care of grandma ,but also do a lot of things cemetery .
My grandfather was a good man ,from whom I learned a is the principle of life, two life is easy to learn . Ou Xingtian had planted pine saplings ,now grown into ten meters high tree, the old man gradually weaken .
Grandpa to cemetery ,eat a lot of hardship, humiliated ,but he did not like to say ,tell the dispute .He was already 86 years old ,the two body worse ,the legs are not good ,a man living here I am really worried, but he was not willing to follow me into the city .
Ouyang said , Grandpa said he would not do ,when one has passed away ,direct cremation ,and then the ashes here ,with his comrades .I know that it is his desire ,but listening to the heart or sad .
And just then ,cemetery, how to do ?I can a person live ,I also very confused . To make Ouyang feel gratified is ,Grandpa deeds spread ,more and more people take the initiative to cemetery .
Ching Ming Festival this year, Ouyang Zhang rang down the job ,make nearly a week ,Moncler,to Ouyang, from Suzhou city to help the elderly ,Moncler Outlet,visitor reception work of cemetery . The old gentleman, I am really worship ,will often help to do do everything in one .
I think ,20% day Hong Tim Lee,compared to my work ,here, I got more . Zhang Xiang says .In the interview ,a group of wearing the red scarf of the young pioneers is the tomb of the martyrs memorial .Ou Xingtian is glad to give the children to a salute .

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The dog owner moved hundreds of the guardian's death

The newspaper news (Reporter Yuan Jing) "I want to adopt it, afraid not qualified!"Yesterday,Moncler Pas Cher, the "master was killed dog tears waiting" reports by the wide attention of readers, to 18 pm yesterday, nearly two thousand people visit the Chongqing morning news everyone in the web page, nearly 100 people with "cry" into a ball.
In order to find the "loyal guards", the reporter searched the whole funeral home, but do not see its tiny figure.Squatting in the car has always been very quiet night,A couple million meters altitude married under zer, in order to follow the dead man,Moncler Outlet, the dog jumped onto the funeral parlor car.
"His head low, has always been very quiet!"Funeral benefits the chef told reporters, the puppy to get on the bus,Moncler, has low head squatting beside door, no roar and shout.It's eyes being down on strands of hair covered,Doudoune Moncler, silent as if it is in mourning!In order not to disturb it, funeral parlor staff didn't talk much.
The car to another staff member through the strands of hair, saw the puppy eyes once again wet, "seems to be in tears."About 20 minutes later, a pedestrian arrived at the funeral home."The door is opened, it will run down.
"Hui said the master.Several of the staff towards the dog run direction gave chase,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, but how also can not find it.Unable to speak, it was more hard yesterday, this newspaper the report caused many readers,Newly married wife to write blog for the treatment, some readers into our hotline, to inquire about the "loyal guards".
Relevant webpage is also influenced by the netizen attention, to 18 pm yesterday, nearly two thousand people visit."I saw the dog, have adopted it, more loyalty!"The net friend "Wu Chunlu".Nearly 100 people reply, they were moved by the loyal dog,Moncler Outlet, in the online "cry" into one.
"Huang Ying" Thread: "dog heart more bitter, because it says not to come out."Someone even said, "we must find one of these dog days!"Yesterday midday 11 when,Moncler Jacket, the funeral home to inform, the incident so far, no one came to the man, the dog is still one's whereabouts is a mystery.
Hold a glimmer of hope, the reporter searched the whole funeral home and around, still did not find it.Zhang Xiang dog always is the most sincere friend Yuan Lu a person outside the accident, with no family is very poor.
Peng Zhiqiang the dog is the best animal Cui Qianhua after moving,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, the dog do?Ma Wenjing puppy dog, big Si Qi moved faithful friend......Huang Yingshuang sometimes we really should think, why do some people is worse than a dog moved by Yan Rong.
.....I want to adopt it......But they are not good enough......555555555555555 Chen Shuangquan is really a good dog, good faith!We must find a way to live a dog!Zhang Ping puppy, you are the best friend of human, we must treat them!Wu Chunlu: if I saw the dog, must adopt it.
.....More loyalty......You must keep dogs!Yang Yu dog than it is now some people still heavy feelings!!!Liu Tao can I take it to Wang Yu why the dead did not pay attention to and care puppy?It is great,Adoptive parents adopted girls real treatment is o,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com!Zhang

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Female college students suffering from leukemia ci

The Central Propaganda Department "party" magazine reporter Chen Fang, commissioned by editor in chief,The groom wrote and directed the short seismic trace moved Wenchuan Bride (Figur, Zhang Guangxiu and her father's mobile phone recharge card (Photography: Deng Jingzhe) Ministry of "party" magazine reporter Chen Fang,Moncler Outlet,Chinese securities 5, Hu Peng carefully observe the experts consultation (Photography: Deng Jingzhe) experts are carefully examined Zhang Guangxiu's physical condition (Photography: according to Deng Jingzhe) the Central Propaganda Department "party" magazine news: today (16 day) at 2 pm, the Ministry of health organizations domestic leukemia authoritative experts on Zhang Guangxiu was a consultation.
Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, doctoral tutor Chen Saijuan and other experts attended the consultation,Moncler Jacket,media said the rail,Doudoune Moncler, Ministry of health deputy director Zhao Minggang chaired the consultation.
"Party" magazine reporter full audit.A careful study of Zhang Guangxiu's earlier treatment, experts on how to conduct effective treatment were discussed.Subsequently, the experts to ward, carefully examined Zhang Guangxiu's physical condition.
Participate in the consultation and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Blood Disease Research Institute, Wang Jianxiang Wang Shan,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, President of Peking University People's Hospital,Moncler Outlet, General Hospital of PLA director doctor Yu,Police fear of injury pupils could gun and two men fighting, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Professor Mi Jianqing, Peking University blood disease Huang Xiaojun Institute and Peking University People's Hospital Institute of Hematology and the Department of Hematology of Peking University People's Hospital expert.
Consultation lasted 2 hours.According to experts, Zhang Guangxiu belongs to the high risk patients, condition is not optimistic, experts said the full treatment.At 3 pm, in Group Ministry office concerned comrade to the hospital to represent a leader, see bed Zhang Guangxiu,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, conveyed leaders care and greetings.
They encouraged Zhang Guangxiu to summon the courage to conquer the disease.Zhang Guangxiu thanks to the care of leaders of all levels, that will actively cooperate with the treatment,Moncler Pas Cher, strive for early return to the village post.
Li Yanlin of undersecretary of Ministry of organization of Shandong provincial Party committee,Moncler, standing committee of Yantai municipal Party committee, organization department minister Wang Xiaomin, Yantai Fushan District standing committee,Enshi City Sandy hig,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,Concussion continuation of blue-chip fund holder c, organization department minister Liu Laiying to visit.

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